Dutch Design versus German Anxiety

Dutch Design versus German Anxiety is the title of a pilot project that aimes to open the German Health-Care-Design-Market to Dutch Designers.

Its kick-off is financed by a grant of the internationalization program of the creative industries fund.

    The aim of the pilot is the implementation of Dutch design in German hospital culture. It draws attention to the fact that in Germany there is a considerable focus on renovation and new-build in health care, and that this is a rapidly expanding market. At the same time there is no space and much hesitance for the development of creative and innovative design solutions. The pilot includes setting up a design team of an interior-, industrial and interactive designer who work together on the RUN-Cluster case at the university children’s hospital in Freiburg. With this pilot kopvol architecture and psychology -the initiator of the project- seeks to develop an integrated design, thus pointing out the value of Dutch design and at the same time proof that creativity is an important part of future hospital building quality.

The special design task for the design team is to transform the RUN-Cluster concept into convincing design solutions that foster the functional and healing component of the RUN-environment.

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