The RUN Cluster Design Team was invited by the Children- and Youth Clinic Freiburg to present their design solutions for the new Clinic in an interactive workshop, lead by psychologists Dr. Michael Barth and Isolde Krug. The audience consisted of hospital experts, represented by clinical directors, physicians, pedagogues, psychologists, public relations, managing nurses, building management, personnel management and kitchen management.

Dr. Thomas Vraetz, chief physician and construction manager of the new Clinic, gave a short introduction explaining the coming about of, and novelty of the RUN Cluster as the fifth care unit of the hospital. Then he gave the floor to the designers.

After the presentations by kopvol – architecture & psychology, panton, Jack Broeders Design and Daria Biryukova Design, the experts were given the task to reflect on the designs, define goals, wishes and obstacles to achieve the goals.

These comments were shared with the designers in a lively and constructive walking discussion and will help improve the design proposals.