WORKSHOP I – test2

Organized by kopvol workshop was first occasion for all members of Design Team to meet all participants. We start the session with short introduction made by each of designer. They described their stories, recent work and expectation about cooperation on RUN Cluster. After that kopvol introduced their design visions, current directions and problems which could be correct approached only by combining architecture and psychology.

What is ‘development & normality’ to you?
Designers were asked to bring their own ideas of ‘development & normality’ on a A4 sheet. The ideas was collected and assorted on the floor of the “lab” as participants brainstorm about child development and hospital environments. Discussion brought interesting topic and thoughts such as: stimulate imagination, child development, reward system and  eating habits.

The group gather around the model of RUN-Cluster and discussed current layout. It help designers to understand their design area and character of the space. They learn about RUN main and side functions but also number and characteristic of users. In the layout there are few problems which must be solved by designer.